Homebrew Tasting & Competition

Rules for Entry

  1. All beers, meads, & other beverages must be home brewed. No commercially brewed beers or beers on professional/commercial system are eligible for entry.
  2. All contestants need to RSVP prior to the event. Entry will be authorized by the Chubb’s Committee in advance. For information please call 507-456-2019 or email info@legacysignsinc.com
  3. Judging is done in two parts. First, a People’s Choice is awarded by the patrons through ballot voting the day of the event. Second, the Brewers choice will either be voted on by you and the other brewers or professional guest brewers as a best in show. Each year this is subject to change dependent on entries and availability of judges.
  4. All decisions are final and winners will be awarded during the event.
  5. Chubb’s Brew-Bq is designed as a competition but is more about having a good time. This is meant to be a fun event and we want you to enjoy yourself. If you are a highly competitive this may not be the event for you.

Suggestions for the day of the event

  1. Serving glasses, tables, table dressing, table name tag, water, and ONE bag of ice will be provided.
  2. Bring all your serving equipment needed to dispense your beverages. Whether serving from kegs, growlers, or bottles please plan to keep your beverages at serving temperature for 4+ hours. This is a fun high paced event so please plan to be busy.
  3. Suggested items: A menu/description of you beer allows for patrons to know what they will be served and can answer questions and will expedite your line. Pitchers, towels, & extension cords as needed. If weather allows we will be able to set up outside & canopies would be encouraged.
  4. Banners, posters, branded shirts, and any other flourish can help distinguish you from the other competitors. Again, this is a people’s choice award, make an impression.
  5. Bring enough beverages. As a People’s Choice award running out too early will effect voting. I am suggesting a minimum of 10 gallons. Having more will ensure you won’t run out and can be brought home after the event.

We are always open to questions about the event and how the day will go so please reach out as needed.
Korey Borchert

2024 Brewers